Garrett Ramos: “I am very thankful.”

“I am very thankful and truly blessed to be able to have this transplant done. 

I will forever be grateful for Jerran and his family for this gift that they will be giving me. 

With this new kidney I will be able to feel like I am a normal kid again, and begin to plan my future of becoming a teacher.”

                       ~ Garrett 

Liz isn’t a fan of the chin hair Garrett is sporting these days.  And Garrett showed up to yesterday’s early morning blood test in typical teenage fashion; sleepy and a little grumpy.

But he soon warmed up with all of Jerran’s joking around, and the energy of two focused and hopeful parents.

I asked him how he was feeling about all of this. “Excited. Nervous for the surgery,” he said.

Recovery won’t be easy, but doctors seem very positive about how good he’ll start to feel after the initial recovery from surgery. They warned him to take all of his medication consistently, even if he feels great.

Did you know that when they transplant the kidney, they don’t remove the unhealthy one, and they put the new kidney in a totally different anatomical location? It will go in the front, where Garrett must protect it from excessive blows during sports and other activities.

He’s got a long but very hopeful road ahead!

3 thoughts on “Garrett Ramos: “I am very thankful.”

  1. Garrett,
    We are elated to know that you are finally getting a new kidney!! Praise be to God for this angel, Jerran! God placed this selfless man in your family’s life for a reason!! God’s plan is perfect and I know that your surgery will be perfect as well. We will continue praying for you, Jerran and both of your families! Life is about to get pretty awesome for you and we couldn’t be happier!! Wishing you the best!
    The Martinez Family
    (Denny, Lorena, Lexi & Devin)


  2. Hiiiiiii!!! So happy to hear your both doing well! We sent a lot of prayers your way and know you are surrounded with faith, love & support! I think your both “Super” and need to wear matching “S” shirts, because you are both Super Men in my book! Thinking about you!! 🙂 Get well!!! Love ya!!! Byeeeee!!


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