Countdown to Transplant T-minus one day and 15 hours


It’s countdown time. Everyone’s reviewing pre-op instructions, getting organized, getting nervous…

Well, yeah! Getting nervous! Garrett is nervous, so he’s staying up late with friends (he promises to be in bed early the next two nights). Jerran is nervous, so he’s joking around and talking more than usual, if that’s possible.

But everything is looking good. Tuesday at noon Jerran will go into surgery. About 45 minutes later they’ll start on Garrett in an adjacent operating room.  They say Jerran’s kidney will be outside of his body for about 40 minutes, on ice, undergoing some preparation before it finds it’s home in Garrett under the skillful hands of some of the leading specialists in the country.


They’ll be out of surgery between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM, then in Recovery for a couple of hours. 

We’ll post updates here all day long to let you all know how it’s going every step of the way.

Thanks for your prayers and good thoughts. We’ve heard so many people are covering Garrett and Jerran and all of us through prayer chains. People in churches we don’t even know brought this before God on our behalf this morning. How humbling is that?

6 thoughts on “Countdown to Transplant T-minus one day and 15 hours

  1. The countdown is here for the Ramos family and Jarren’s family. That Jesus said in:
    Matthew 18:20:

    For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.



  2. Dear God — watch over this boy and this man and these families. There is nothing more cherished in life than the love of family and friends … and life itself. So stand by them, watch over them, and let us be a part of this tremendous celebration of giving and healing. Garrett and Jerran … heroes !!!. Gary and Liz — hugs hugs and more hugs coming your way !!! Thinking of you ~ xox Linda


  3. WE LOVE YOU !!!! Wishing and Praying for you and Jerran !!!! It s going to be so great with Ur new super kidney !!!!


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