Last night of dialysis for Garrett

Garret spent his last night of dialysis surrounded by friends; Jack, Andrew, Caso and Jared.

These guys have been through thick and thin together. Tomorrow, they’ll see him through the transplant.

Jerran had a big breakfast, went to sleep after working the night shift, but was up in time for a haircut, quick back adjustment at the chiropractor, and the light lunch recommended before fasting until surgery. 

It’s a hungry night for both. 

Jerran’s pastor Terry Inman and wife Mary stopped by to chat and pray. He said he knew as soon as he heard that this was a God thing.

Jerran and Garrett have been texting today. There was the matter of shaving the chin hair.

But first, shave it into two chin hair patches just for fun.

Clean shaven.

…because grandma says so.

One final question from Jerran to Garrett. According to the Super Kidney countdown, it was less than 24 hours away…

See you all tomorrow from UCSF!

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