They’ve started! 

Jerran went into the OR almost an hour ago. The nurse called from the OR about 15 minutes ago to say they’d started.

Garrett went into the OR about 15 minutes ago. The nurse will call soon to let us know when they’ve opened Garrett.

They start on Jerran about 45 minutes before Garrett to minimize the time Garrett is in surgery.

Next update when they start on Garrett. And another as soon as we hear Jerran is in recovery.

5 thoughts on “They’ve started! 

  1. We are gathered in Jesus Christ name, let the hard prayer begin…. You know the old RAM saying per Coach Marshall “BELIEVE” and our Vikings “PRAY HARD OR GO HOME!. Hugssssss.


    1. PRAYING! PRAYING PRAYING! Been praying all day!! Have tears in my eyes seeing these pictures! Lord Jesus your hand has been in this every step of the way! We know this is your perfect plan. Guide the hands of the surgeons for both Jerran and Garrett and bless both waiting families with peace. Amen! Thanks so much for the awesome updates!!


  2. My exact sentiments as Lorena Martinez says. I could not have expressed myself as well. I too have tears in my eyes. All our love, Murphy’s (Lyn/Bill and Clan)


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