A little crying after a long day

There’ve been some teary moments today. A little tension. Some grateful hugging among strangers, bonded by two people we love.

But once we got the word that Garrett was out, and the kidney already kicking in, Gary and some of the sweet friends who have been here all day came to see Jerran for the first time since he dropped 6 ounces of kidney.

Gary came straight over to the bed and hugged Jerran, breaking down in tears, saying, “Thank you, thank you. I love you.” They both cried for a good long time. Cause cops are tough like that.

Then Gary hugged each member of the family, and JD and Don, friends of the Higgins who have been here all day. “Thank you for that prayer,” he said to Don, “It worked.”

Well, shoot. Now we’re all crying. Tears of joy.


3 thoughts on “A little crying after a long day

  1. I’ve been watching you all day family … and wishing I was there with you to do whatever I could. I will continue to share the only gifts I have which are oodles and oodles of prayers, thanks and praise and love and friendship. When you wish upon a star … Dreams really do come true … Hugs ! Linda


  2. Ok, so I read this out loud to my family and couldn’t get through it without the tears. It’s been a long rough road for you all. I am so very happy that Garrett will be able to live a relatively normal life from here on. God bless Jarren for this priceless gift. You have changed so many lives with your selflessness. Thank you!


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