And…we’re walking!

Garrett got up and walked down to Jerran’s room. Pretty uncomfortable. He said he feels like his insides are going to fall out. He can feel the Super Kidney through his right side belly.

Not a lot of smiling or joking, but he’s moving.

Everyone’s vitals still good. 

5 thoughts on “And…we’re walking!

  1. Awesome job by both of them!!! Keep up the good work! I’m certain there is t-shirts for both of them in the near future!


  2. Great job, Garrett! So proud of how tough you are! It will get easier as the healing progresses! Stay strong! 💪


  3. I’ve always known you were a very special person Jerran. Garrett will now have the gift of life. May God continue to richly bless both of you for a speedy recovery. Your MO FRIENDS..
    Annie & Stoney 🙏❤️


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