Garrett’s out of surgery, kidney’s ALREADY WORKING!

Just got the call. Garrett’s out of surgery! The kidney started working right away! It doesn’t always. Weirdest thing–kidney had a cape on it! Ok we might have made up that last part.

He’ll be in recovery a couple of hours before we see him.

Don’t tell Gary, but we heard him cry a little sharing the news on the phone.

Deep sigh of relief.

7 thoughts on “Garrett’s out of surgery, kidney’s ALREADY WORKING!

  1. Woo Hoo!!! SOOOO happy to hear the news! No more dialysis for Garrett!! Congrats to all!! Thank you Jesus!!


  2. Awesome news! We have been following the progress all day. Great job on the updates :o). So happy everything turned out well!! God Bless! Love, Mary Jo and family


  3. Such happy news!!! Thanks for all the great updates! To the crew there for Garrett & Jerran kudos for all of your love and support for these two wonderful families that mean so much to so many people. Keeping happy thoughts for the two patients for the super kidney powers to kick in on both sides so they can eventually start their new lives as kidney soul mates in the big world out there!


  4. Gary & Liz, so thankful everything went well. We will be sending Angels to surround Garrett & donor for their recovery.


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