Glimpse of Garrett

On his way to his room. Quick stop by Jerran’s room to give a weak thumbs up and make eye contact from the door.

Garrett is sleeping now. Getting more comfortable as they adjust meds.

We’re headed down the street to a bed for the night. Liz is staying with Garrett.

4 thoughts on “Glimpse of Garrett

  1. We are all so happy that Garrett’s pain has gotten better! Praying that both of them feel SO much better tomorrow! It has been such a long day for both families and we pray for good rest for all of you! Tomorrow is a new and exciting day!!! So happy and thankful!!


  2. So happy all is going well! Can’t stop thinking of you all. What a miracle! Throw out the boxes, get rid of the machine. Relax! It’s been a long, hard road for you all, you deserve a long, deep sleep… and then a vacation! 🌴✈ Hugs❤


  3. God bless you all. Our hearts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery.
    Liz and Gary please let us know if you need help we’re not far. Didn’t know anything about this until I read the press release. Love to all


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