Good morning! After a rough night.

Rough night for Garrett. Hard to manage the pain, but it’s very gradually getting better. Staff got him up to weigh him, and that takes a lot out of you when you feel like you’ve been hit by a truck. And then it backed up and hit you again. Twice.

He’s put out 7 liters of urine on his new kidney so far. It’s epic. They’ve had to keep the saline going to keep him hydrated.

Garrett’s had just ice water and a little apple juice. Goals today are clear liquids in, get him off the pain med pump and just on oral pain medication but that will take a big dip down to next level of pain. He says even talking hurts, and you can tell clearly he is in pain with some bouts of relief.

Jerran is taking his first walks this morning. And his first 20 feet were down the hall to see Garrett. We assured Garrett that Jerran’s not too far ahead of him in the walking department–there’s time to catch up! 


Jerran walked twice more around the floor. Twelve times and he gets a T-shirt! Doing great. Still in pain, especially as he moves more, but in great spirits. 

Jerran’s goal today is also to get off the pain meds pump this afternoon, with some oral pain meds to keep working on that pain consistently.

Liz is Mama Bear, as you can imagine, so we think one of our goals should be to get Liz out of Garrett’s room for an hour or so. 

13 thoughts on “Good morning! After a rough night.

  1. We are so happy that Garrett and Jarren are on the road to recovery😇… Keep your spirits up.. We’re constantly thinking of you guys!!
    Virginia and Willard


  2. Great news! Jarren and Garrett look GREAT!! Can’t wait until both are home and we can really celebrate. Hope they can get the pain under control.


  3. So happy to hear that Garrett is doing great and on his road to recovery. We will keep him and Jarren in our prayers. Diane & Benny Rodriguez


  4. I know you don’t know me. We are friends of Justin and Kayla through our church plant here in Oklahoma. Great to see things are going well! We have been and continue to pray for both Garrett and Jarren. May God’s hand of healing be on them both.


      1. My beautiful friend. Much love to you and your family! XOXOXO BIG hugs to Garret……..wishing and praying for a speedy recovery both your boy and that amazing, kind, generous human being who gave him the gift of life! The most precious gift of all! Hang in there Lizzie and Gary ❤


  5. Wonderful news! Progress is being made! Thank you from the bottom of the Leal families hearts, Jarren! We are so thankful for your incredible gift of life toy have to Garrett and his family. Bless you! Praying for you and Garretts speedy recovery!


  6. I have loved reading all the posts and information about Garrett and Jarren. This one really made me smile. Liz is a great Mama Bear! Don’t change a thing, Liz! I wouldn’t. Sending healing thoughts to you all. Keep the updates coming.


  7. We’re so thrilled to hear that Garrett and Jarren are on the road to recovery. Prayers are powerful! We’ll keep the prayers going and wish both of these amazing guys a smooth and speedy recovery.


  8. Wow, up and walking a day later, how awesome! Before you know it, you’ll both be running down the halls. So happy to see progress already. Such an inspiring story – forever connected! Much love and prayers for your continued recovery to both of you! Btw, Jerran, I didn’t know about the goal to a t-shirt. I was wondering why one wasn’t given. Sorry!! ~Cathi D.


  9. We are neighbors of Jack and Pat, Garretts grandparents, We are so happy to hear that he came through the surgery and thankful that Jarren was willing to donate. We wish then both a speedy recovery. Our prayers are with you.
    Merv & Paula Silva


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