Garrett looking and feeling better!

What a difference 12 hours makes!

Garrett has been perking up by the hour, and it doesn’t hurt that he was switched to oral pain meds, which manages the pain more consistently than the pump.

Gary, Liz and Garrett met with the pharmacist for over an hour this morning getting educated on his new medication routine.

While Garrett has been on a multitude of meds for years, these meds require even more vigilance to prevent rejection.

Everyone has tried to impress on him the responsibility that comes with a new kidney, including Jerran, who gave him a big talk about how he expects his kidney to be treated.

Garrett and Jerran had lots of visitors tonight, including news crews who wanted to spread the inspiring story.

Jerran is still on liquids only, but is likely to go home tomorrow after some solid food. Garrett’s goal now is to get some rest tonight, get on solid food tomorrow, and walk, walk, walk! Walking keeps fluids off the lungs and circulation flowing normally.

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