Jerran’s home

There’s no place like home, especially when those crazy Ramoses paper your house in banners and leave blankets and signs to say thank you.

It took a lot out of Jerran walking out of the hospital, riding home, getting upstairs and into bed. But a little home made soup and having his kids close helps.

Looking forward to some real rest.

2 thoughts on “Jerran’s home

  1. Congratulations to you both. My sister and brother inlaw The Stones at Irvington. sent me this info. You Guys Rock. an amazing thing is how much you two look alike. LOve can do wonders in this world eh! Heal well you both and enjoy!!! M costello


  2. Jerran, Thank you to you and your family for the gift of life you gave to Garrett. I hope you continue to feel better and we can all celebrate you and Garrett sometime soon.


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