Garrett being admitted back to UCSF – hopeful it’s just a hiccup

Garrett had some vomiting and chest pains late tonight. We took him to the local ER, where they did a CAT scan and chest X-ray.

He moved during the CAT scan (no doubt he was uncomfortable and in pain) so they weren’t able to get a good reading.

At this point, they watch for blood clots, so to be careful, he’ll be transported by ambulance back to UCSF where they will do a thorough check.

We feel like maybe he just over did it a bit and this is a hiccup on the road to recovery. But it’ll be a long night for everyone, and we ask for your continued prayers.

4 thoughts on “Garrett being admitted back to UCSF – hopeful it’s just a hiccup

  1. Don’t know why I couldn’t sleep. Just checked in on the site and now I know why. Praying for him and family. Late night hugs.


  2. Sending lots of prayers from Indy. I know God is watching over all of you. Both families will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers until both Garrett and Jerran are fully recovered.


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