Lots of rest today

Garrett spent most of the day taking naps.  This afternoon both of his brothers, Justin and Trevor, got to the hospital. That always lifts his spirits.

Garrett, his brothers, his grandparents, uncle Joe and Kayla all played a game of hangman on a whiteboard in the waiting room.

Around 5:00 pm Garrett was moved back to 9 Long.  It has been fun to see the great nursing staff again. They all have come by happy to see Garrett but wished it was somewhere else.

Garrett was able to walk a couple of laps tonight.  We meet with the doctors in the morning and will see if we get to go home. That’s the plan anyway.


Garrett with brothers Justin and Trevor just before playing hangman.  These two are the best medicine for Gbaby.


A couple of laps with mom.

4 thoughts on “Lots of rest today

  1. Having Justin and Trevor by his side is the best medicine Garrett could
    have. Our continued thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Garrett,
    you are such a trooper! Keep that wonderful, uplifting smile on
    your face!


  2. Love the photo of the Ramos Boys!! Wish we were all hanging out at the house, June can’t come soon enough. Garrett hope we get to see you at home tomorrow.


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