Sunday morning update

Garrett slept a lot yesterday so last night his sleep was off and on.  His body is generally just sore from being in bed. 

This morning he ate almost a whole breakfast sandwich, by far the most food he has eaten at once.  He then walked a couple of laps with mom.

He took his morning meds and again he felt nauseous.   He was given a shot and it calmed his stomach.

The doctors decided to keep him one more night and are adjusting his medication.   Since this medication will be a part of his life the doctors want to get this right.  Hopefully we can get it right and get him feeling better.

Garrett is looking forward to his brothers returning to the hospital today. He will get to visit for several hours with them before Trevor has to fly home.  We were lucky Trevor was given Friday off of the academy so he could spend the weekend with his brothers.

Before Justin and Trevor come to the hospital they are going to visit with their new brother, Jerran.   Garrett is bummed he won’t be there, but like he said, “June is right around the corner and we will all be better and together. ”  He is always so positive.

Garrett thanks everyone for their wishes and prayers.

2 thoughts on “Sunday morning update

  1. Garrett, Delighted you are doing well. I will keep up the prayers and the flowers by the Madonna.
    Much Love,
    Carmel (Grandma D)


  2. Hang in there Garrett.. Time will heal all.. Once your system gets used to all the meds and things settle down you’ll be good to go!
    Thinking of you and your family..
    Willard and Virginia


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