Heading home-take 2


Great news,  Garrett is waiting for his discharge papers and we are going home.  He has had excellent care here at UCSF but it’s time to go home. 

First and foremost Garrett’s new kidney is working perfect.   There have been no issues whatsoever with it.  Jerran truly has or had a super kidney. It just seems that Garrett had a bad reaction to one of his medications. 

Another issue he ran into was he was getting nauseous every time he took his rejection medication.   This is a common side effect of one of them so that medication was changed. He did great last night and today on the new medication.

The only problem we have right now is his high blood pressure.   It is controlled enough for us to go home.  They will be monitoring it in our weekly clinics.

It was a great weekend having his two brothers home. Yesterday we had a great visit before Trevor had to fly home.  We are lucky enough to have J.T. and Kayla here till Wednesday night.



Today the best birthday present Liz could get, is having Garrett come home.


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