Everybody’s gone home

Garrett had another great night at home and sleep last night. He has been very good about getting up every 2 hours and go going the bathroom and empty his bladder.  Again when Garrett woke up he had a huge appetite and wanted to eat breakfast. This is something new for him. Before when he was on dialysis, he never woke up hungry. He always feeling sick and never wanted to eat.  For the second day in a row he wanted scrambled eggs with chicken in it. This is very exciting.  Again he had a great nights sleep.

Yesterday on our afternoon walk we went by the High School and a baseball game was going on. We stopped and watched an inning or so. Garrett loved seeing his old friends and coaches out there. He had to get home before mom caught him at the game because she wants nobody breathing on him.

Tomorrow we have our first clinic appointment back at UCSF. We are looking forward to seeing our doctors and getting back test results to see how well that Super kidney is doing.

Yesterday we had a great visit with Jerran at our house. On the drive home the boys had the SNL jeopardy skit on their phone . Jerren laugh so hard he thought his stitches were going to rip out. Garrett is looking forward to the many visits he will have with Jerran in the future.





Saying goodbye is always hard.

We would like everybody to keep the Tran family in their thoughts  and prayers. They lost their son, Thaddeus this week, to cancer.

One thought on “Everybody’s gone home

  1. So very happy for you Garrett. I’d like to stop in during my lunch next week one day to say hi. Wanted to give you time to settle in and also need to know if you can have outsiders in yet. Love the blog Liz. It’s been great to be able to know what’s happening without pestering you. Headed for a long weekend in Humboldt with my girl. Hope to see you soon.


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