First clinic visit-great news

Today Garrett had his first visit back at UCSF.   We had to arrive an hour early for blood test. We then got him a quick bite to eat so he could take his morning meds and headed up to the 7th floor for our first clinic visit.

Our first stop was to get Garrett’s vitals checked.   Everything was perfect there and we moved on to the pharmacist. We went over his medications and everything seems to be fine.

We then met with our Nurse Practitioner, Elizabeth. She will be our boss for the next 3 months. What she says goes.

We went over all of Garrett’s blood test with Elizabeth. His numbers are outstanding. His creatine level was 1.43 which is awesome. His phosphorus level was a little low which is normal for the medications he’s on. This is something new for us since we have battled his phosphorus level for so many years being so high. Elizabeth even ask Garrett if he liked soda, when he said he did she said he could have a soda to bring his level up. You should have saw the look on Liz’s face, priceless.

Elizabeth would like us to up his walking a little bit more each day. He needs to continue to wake up every 2 hours at night time to empty his bladder. The super kidney was attached at the bladder so we gotta make sure the bladder doesn’t fill up and interfere with the surgical incision. Next week we probably will go to once every 3 hours.

Overall the visit was just great today. We were so happy when we left hearing all the good news that Garrett got.

Elizabeth did have one suggestion for us. I think everybody has seen in all the photos Garrett has taken he’s holding a pillow. He says this feels good because he still feels like his kidney is going to fall out of him. Elizabeth suggested that we get a velcro wrap to go around his waist. He also has had some minor back pain when walking. This is from the surgery. This wrap will help both his kidney and  his back when he’s walking. So we will be off to Walgreens today to pick one up.

Elizabeth also said it would be fine to go to baseball games or the movies or whatever. She would like Garrett to go out and live life . She said, “you got a new kidney go out and use it.” That made Garrett happy. He can now go see the new Kevin Hart movie next week. On the way home we called Jerran and made a date for the movie next week.


Garrett at the Kidney Clinic. Read the inscription on the wall. It couldn’t be better said how we feel about Jerran and Garrett


Silly Garrett and a soda

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