Look who we ran into…

It’s Fish Taco Friday! Mandi took Jerran to pick up some quick tacos at Tortilla Factory. While he was standing inside waiting, a woman was watching him. She noticed his shirt, so finally pointed at it and said, “your shirt…”


Jerran engaged. “Oh, yeah, I gave a kidney away a couple of weeks ago–“

“To Garrett!” she finished.

“Yes, how did you know?” he said.

“Can I hug you?” she asked.

Margaret and her daughter and granddaughter are friends of the Ramos family. She’s been reading every blog, keeping up with the story.

“We just love Garrett so much!” She said.

What a small world. And what a precious woman. She came out to the car to hug Mandi, and just couldn’t say enough about how grateful she was and how wonderful that everyone is doing so well. She and her daughter are planning to deliver a meal on Sunday. We hope they’ll stay and visit.



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