Two weeks!!

Well can you believe it its been two weeks since surgery. Doesn’t seem it has been that long.

Everything is still going well with Garrett.  Although not much has changed he seems to be improving everyday. Garrett is looking better and better.

The last couple of nights we’ve gotten to see Jerran. Jerran is doing great. He has cut back on his pain medication.  He is hoping that he will be able to drive soon.  He is now able to take very long walks, up to a mile at a time.

Tomorrow both Jerran and Garrett have appointments back at UCSF. We are going to ride up together and then go to lunch after.

Today Garrett had a special visitor, Ms. Flores from Irvington High School. Ms. Flores helped Garrett out so much while he was a student at Irvington. Without her help we don’t know if Garrett would have graduated.


We don’t know who was happier today, Garrett or Ms. Flores.

3 thoughts on “Two weeks!!

  1. For sure I was!!!! I needed that awesome (but careful) hug from that handsome guy to know he really is getting better. You’re looking great Garrett…love you lots. Oh and by the way, it’s Sharon now that you’ve graduated!! 😆


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