Things going good

Garrett has has a good weekend. He got lots of rest and has been walking more and more everyday. The one thing we have been watching is his blood pressure. The bottom number has been great most of the time but a few times it has been somewhat high.  If we get a couple of high ones in a row we have to let his doctors know.   They just might have to do a little adjustment on his medication.  They told us that younger patients have higher blood pressure on some of the medication that he is on.  Its nothing of concern just something to watch.


oday we were home when a car outside honked.  No one got up to look and guess who it was.  That’s right it was Jerran.   He felted slighted since no one came outside.  He told us, “Hey, I gave up a kidney, you could at least come outside when I honk.”  Classic Jerran.

We also received our bill from UCSF, and Jerran found out how much his kidney was worth.  Of course, Jerran had another great line, “That’s just for a normal kidney and not a super kidney.  Good thing they don’t charge for a super one.”


Always good to see Jerran.   Beware he is back behind the wheel.


Nothing like a Sunday night movie in Garrett’s room to make him feel good.

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