Happy Easter

First off we hope all of you had a great Easter. We had a great Easter weekend. Yesterday we spent it up in Roseville with our families and got to top it off with a visit with GG. We left late last night and the boys were pretty silly on the drive home.


This morning the Easter bunny made it to our house and Garrett had to look for all of the eggs by himself.   He did good and found them all.





It was then off to Jerran’s house for lunch.  It was so much fun, what an incredible family they have. There was all kinds of awesome food.  We talked, shared stories and played games. As usual it seemed like we were always laughing.





Liam even told Garrett , ” you are now my brother, oh wait you can only be my cousin since you don’t live here.”

Whatever it is we know we are FAMILY.  We just feel so blessed and are so lucky to have them in our lives. 

Easter is the perfect day to reflect on what has happened to our family.  Garrett is feeling so good and doing super.  We just sit back and look at Garrett, we listen to him sing in the shower or laugh as he watches t.v.  Words can’t express how we feel, but we know we are so lucky to have Jerran and Mandi in our lives.

3 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. I’m praying for Garrett and Jerran every day. God is good. All the time, God is good.
    I’m a friend of Jean Barngrover from WY and FL.


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