It’s been awhile

Well it has been a couple of weeks since the last update.  I am sorry about that but things have been moving along amazingly.  Garrett is just doing wonderful.  We went back to UCSF today for our six week post transplant visit and Garrett couldn’t be doing any better. All of his blood tests are right on the money. Elizabeth even talked to us about Garrett’s future plans.

We won’t go back to UCSF for three weeks.  On that visit they are going to do a complete work up on Garrett. We will then be transferred back to Kaiser and go to our appointments at the Van Ness location.  We will still have the same doctors but will be back under the Kaiser umbrella. 

At the six month mark Garrett will go back to UCSF for a kidney biopsy.   Even though everything is working great they do a biopsy just to double check everything.

Lets talk about some of things Garrett has been doing.



Garrett along with Jack brought flowers to Hannah and took special prom pictures.   Both Hannah and Andrew looked beautiful.


Garrett wants to start back at the gym but mom said no way.  So he asked Elizabeth today and she said, “Absolutely,  go live your life.  You have a kidney enjoy it!”  So when he got mom made him take out the garbage.

Overall we can’t believe how well Garrett is doing.  We are so blessed that we have so many good and close friends and family. We couldn’t have done this without you. All of your prayers and well wishes were so helpful.

One other thing, Jerran has asked Garrett and some of his friends to go with him to Sacramento to get some honey bees this week. This will be interesting and there should be some great stories from this…

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