Its been 2 months

On Tuesday Garrett returned to UCSF for a check up and another round of blood tests. Everything checked out perfectly. Elizabeth is extremely pleased with his progress. He returns in another month for his final visit. He will also start his visits with Kaiser in San Francisco that same day.

Garrett has been getting pretty antsy around the house just going for walks and playing Xbox.   The Silvernails gave him a punching bag last week and we hung it up in the garage. He also bought a pair of boxing gloves. Of course we told him he couldn’t do anything yet.  So Tuesday he asked Elizabeth about being able to start doing some more things. Basically Elizabeth gave him the green light on everything. He can run play basketball,  go swimming,  take a bath things he hasn’t been able to do in 3 years or so. 


He asked about boxing. Elizabeth even said the punching bag was fine. If he wanted to do a boxing match he could only take head shots and no body blows…just kidding. 


He can do just about anything he wants and just don’t overdo it.  We were all just so happy for him. 


It was great to see Alliaon over the house. Allison is home from TCU and she brought over some awesome brownies. At least we think they were because we didn’t get any as the boys ate them all.

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