3month update

Garrett had his 3 month appointment at UCSF this week. It was also his last appointment at UCSF and Elizabeth.  Everything is going really well. All of his blood tests are right where they should be. When we finished at UCSF we had our first appointment at the Kaiser in San Francisco. ( parking was fun) we meet our new Nurse Practitioner,  Zina.  She went over all of Garrett’s meds and medical charts and was also very pleased with his progress.   Although we are moving back to Kaiser we still have the same doctors as they work at both hospitals.

We have an exciting and full month ahead. We hope to post lots of pictures of all of the events.

2 thoughts on “3month update

  1. Awesome Garrett!!!! Wonderful news and I love hearing all the updates. We are blessed that Jerran was the man with the super kidney to help you be the super kid you are. Post lots of pictures of the reunion you guys will be having in a few weeks with family and friends – Love you – Aunt Cherie


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