Fun Friday night

Tonight we enjoyed a night at Das Brew with Mandi and Jerran.   We all had a flat of beers and some bbq. Jerran had us all laughing with some great stories.


Once the wind kicked up we decided to go back to our house and continued with the stories.

When we got home Garrett had a couple of his friends over. We played a quick round of reverse charades.  These boys were great actors and had us all cracking up.

It is so great seeing Garrett and Jerran together.  They both showed us all of their scars. Pretty interesting to say the least. Garrett is always happy to see Jerran



Garrett has an appointment back at UCSF on Monday.   His blood test this week all came back pretty good.

Jerran made training

Tonight Jerran made a surprise visit at K9 training.   Everyone was real excited to see him.  He had to tell his story several times as all of the handlers rolled into training. 


As far as Garrett goes he doesn’t have to go to UCSF this week.  He has two blood draws this week at Kaiser.   His test from Monday was all good and he has one again tomorrow.

Things going good

Garrett has has a good weekend. He got lots of rest and has been walking more and more everyday. The one thing we have been watching is his blood pressure. The bottom number has been great most of the time but a few times it has been somewhat high.  If we get a couple of high ones in a row we have to let his doctors know.   They just might have to do a little adjustment on his medication.  They told us that younger patients have higher blood pressure on some of the medication that he is on.  Its nothing of concern just something to watch.


oday we were home when a car outside honked.  No one got up to look and guess who it was.  That’s right it was Jerran.   He felted slighted since no one came outside.  He told us, “Hey, I gave up a kidney, you could at least come outside when I honk.”  Classic Jerran.

We also received our bill from UCSF, and Jerran found out how much his kidney was worth.  Of course, Jerran had another great line, “That’s just for a normal kidney and not a super kidney.  Good thing they don’t charge for a super one.”


Always good to see Jerran.   Beware he is back behind the wheel.


Nothing like a Sunday night movie in Garrett’s room to make him feel good.

Movie day

Today Garrett and Jerran got together and went and saw the new Kevin Hart Will Ferrell movie, Get Hard.  The movie was hilarious.   The surgery team at UCSF did a fabulous job sewing these two up.  They laughed throughout the movie and they stayed together and didn’t rip open their wounds, “they stayed hard” throughout the movie. You have to see the movie to understand.

After the movie we had a special visitor at lunch, Jerran’s son Liam came to lunch with us at Buffalo Wild Wings.


Clinic visit#2 with Jerran

Today Jerran had his first follow-up visit and Garrett’s second visit at UCSF. Before we met with Elizabeth they had to do another round of blood test. Of course Jerran has a selfie…


His phlebotomist wasn’t real happy with taking pictures but we all know Jerran — he is a rebel.

We then went up to the seventh floor to meet with Elizabeth.


Jerran was first in and everything was great. All his numbers in his blood tests were fine. He is healing good and he is off all of his pain medication.  He is officially done with UCSF.  He will meet with his own doctor in six months. 

Garrett also had a good visit.  Everything seems to be on track with his recovery.  They are very pleased with his progress.  In fact, his next appointment is in two weeks instead of next week. The best news Garrett got was he can wake up every three hours to pee up from two.

We were then off to lunch at Big Mouth Burgers.   Jerran was very excited not only for the cheeseburger with a fried egg on it but for the Blue Moon beer he had with his lunch.


It has been exactly one month since he had his last beer.  Here’s to Jerran, a well deserved beer!! You have earned it.

Two weeks!!

Well can you believe it its been two weeks since surgery. Doesn’t seem it has been that long.

Everything is still going well with Garrett.  Although not much has changed he seems to be improving everyday. Garrett is looking better and better.

The last couple of nights we’ve gotten to see Jerran. Jerran is doing great. He has cut back on his pain medication.  He is hoping that he will be able to drive soon.  He is now able to take very long walks, up to a mile at a time.

Tomorrow both Jerran and Garrett have appointments back at UCSF. We are going to ride up together and then go to lunch after.

Today Garrett had a special visitor, Ms. Flores from Irvington High School. Ms. Flores helped Garrett out so much while he was a student at Irvington. Without her help we don’t know if Garrett would have graduated.


We don’t know who was happier today, Garrett or Ms. Flores.

Wonderful Weekend

All we have to report is Garrett has had a great weekend.   He spent most of it with several of his friends playing video games and watching March Madness.

Sunday he had a great visit with his aunt and uncle from Roseville and his cousins.


He is feeling better every day and is walking several times a day. 

This weekend we participated in a block sale.  Everyone commented on our house.  When we arrived home from the hospital the front of the house was decorated with banners and posters. 



When we walked in the house there were streamers and ribbons hanging throughout. It made the homecoming quite special for Garrett.



Garrett has a blood test tomorrow at Kaiser and then another clinic visit on Wednesday at UCSF.